Kindergarten activities – Maze of Stones – Worksheet – 3

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Kindergarten activities

In these Kindergarten activities, children help the girl to reach the school by joining the words ending with ‘ll’.

You can find more relevant English worksheets for kids on our website. Few worksheets help children recognize the alphabets while others teach them English. Children learn concepts better when they do it in more than one way. So teach them the same concept in multiple ways. These worksheets are made with very simple, neat and clean way, kids will easily read, understand and can solve the questions to write the correct answers in all worksheets. You can buy  also many English and General Knowledge printable worksheets in our website.

You can find number of ENGLISH, MATHS and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE WORKSHEETS for children on our website.

In Math :- Addition, Pictorial Addition, Subtraction, Pictorial subtraction, Circle The Correct Number, Count and Match & many more.

English :- Beginning sound of lowercase alphabets, Capital & Lower Letters, Maze of Stones, What Comes After and Before – Alphabets, write The Last Letter Of Each Word, Picture And Sound & many more

General Knowledge :- Domestic Animals, Find The Mistakes, Join the Dots, Match The Birds With The First Letter of Their Names, Match The Transports with Their Names, To Eat Or Not & many more.

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